HCI for Children with Special Needs: Dyslexia


Research Areas

Assistive Technology


Anum Haroon

Good design and technology going hand in hand can help create solutions to problems that are sometimes otherwise hard to engage with properly. Educational numbers are rising, however slowly, but Pakistan lags behind ineffective screening and rehabilitation of people having dyslexia. 10 to 18 percent of children in private schools have been reported of having learning difficulties leading to dyslexia. The situation is even worse in government schools where 5.72 percent of students of grades 6thand 7thwere screened out with dyslexia. No concrete steps in aiding students with the disability have been seen by the government or private educational agencies. Lexia, a ‘Serious Game’ is aimed to be a complete diagnosis and tracking system that helps students overcome problems including letter identification, letter to sound conversations, reading words or pseudowords. Language provides a challenge of its own with Urdu being the national language of Pakistan. Lexia is the first attempt at a digital platform using Urdu to assess and rehabilitate people affected by dyslexia.

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