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Cultural Heritage


Azan Zahid

Lahori Khoji, is an android application for those eager to explore the androon shehr of Lahore. The maze-like network of narrow streets of the walled city can be fascinating as well as daunting for city-dwellers, and navigating them without a knowledgeable local guide can be tiresome. As part of a course on the history of Lahore, ‘Walking in the City’, over 30 undergraduate students were assigned to map out a walking trail for some of the famous gates of the walled city. In groups, the students researched the gates, their surrounding neighbourhoods, historical sites, and the history and experiences of the residents of the area. The result is Lahori Khoji, an app which discovers the hidden treasures of the walled city. Lahori Khoji not only provides a brief history of various places of interest but also pins them on Google maps to facilitate explorers. Associate Professor, Dr. Ali Usman Qasmi’s enterprising history students thus came up with a solution to discover the hidden treasures of the walled city.

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