Participate in Research

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The projects we are currently invested require a team effort from people of different domains. Our goal is to create an environment which nurtures each individuals creativity and intelligence. We have several dedicated undergraduate researchers in the Chisel lab every semester and we are always on the lookout for fresh minds with a penchant for hard work and thirst for knowledge.  

Please send us an email at _______ by the end of the semester if you are interested in opportunities in our lab for the next quarter. We would require a copy of your transcripts, details about your programming skills and if you have done any research projects in the past. 

Final Year Project

If you are interested in doing your final year project with Dr. Suleman Shahid, currently have a B+, A-, or A average, and have some ideas about projects that fit within our research areas, please get in touch. A FYP is a lot of work, so please be prepared. 

Programming Skills

We are interested in undergrads with different programming skills including the basics (Python, Java, Visual Basic, Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Perl), AR/VR, Unity 3D, Android, iOS etc.