Suleman Shahid’s Dossier

Suleman Shahid’s Dossier

Full CV
Appendix 1: List of all grants
Appendix 2: List of invited/hosted talks, panels, workshops, masterclasses
Appendix 3: Students and their placements
Appendix 4: Google Scholar Report

Service Statement: Submitted with the dossier
Service Statement: Extended Version
Appendix 1: Major Organizational Initiatives at LUMS
Appendix 2: Design, data, technology, and STEM Outreach in Pakistan
Appendix 3: Industry/Government/Public Sector linkages and Applied Projects

Teaching Statement: Submitted with the dossier
Teaching Statement: Extended Version
Appendix 1: Pedagogical Framework for my Courses
Appendix 2: Human Computer Interaction Course – Course Design Principles
Appendix 3: Responding to Pandemic – Moving Online

Research Statement: Submitted with the dossier
One page summary: Submitted with the dossier
Appendix 1: Research theme 1 – HCI for Special user groups
Appendix 2: Research theme 2 – Child Computer Interaction
Appendix 3: HCI for Global South (ICT4Health, ICT4Education, Gender & Technology)

Selected appearance in media:
Recent work on Dementia: Story1, Story2
Launch of Humqadam app: Story1Story2
Launch of Lahore khoji app: Story1Story2Story3Story4
Launch of Lahore Zoo app: Story1Story2Story3
Corona Assisted Portal: Story1
Launch of Mahfooz aurat (women safety) app: Story1
Launch of Digital aids for children with disabilities: Story 1

Selected portals/initiatives/outreach work:
Autism Assisted Portal: Link
Corona Assisted Portal: Link
Syed Babar Ali’s Video Biography: Link
Design and Data Foundry: Link
Open Data Pakistan: Link
UXPakistan: LinkStory
Lahore Design Festival: Link
Illustration Conference: Link