HCI for Elderly: Dementia

Despite an alarming rise in the global prevalence of dementia, the available modalities for improving cognition and mental wellbeing of dementia patients remain limited. Environmental enrichment is an experimental paradigm that has shown promising anti-depressive and memory-enhancing effects in pre-clinical studies. However, its clinical utility has remained limited due to the lack of effective implementation […]

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Design, Gender, and Technology

Meri Kahani is a mobile application created to teach computational thinking skills to school going teenagers in underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. We explore the use of gamification to teach computational thinking through level-based learning in a Pakistani context. This project demonstrates how gamified learning, rewarding techniques, and feminine themes can be used to attract female […]

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HCI for Children with Special Needs: Dyslexia

Good design and technology going hand in hand can help create solutions to problems that are sometimes otherwise hard to engage with properly. Educational numbers are rising, however slowly, but Pakistan lags behind ineffective screening and rehabilitation of people having dyslexia. 10 to 18 percent of children in private schools have been reported of having […]

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